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As a child I lived with my grandmother in rural Punjab. From her I learned the secret of these family friendly curry sauces, and a love of great cooking. We made pickle with mangoes from the garden tree; we dug pits to roast meats that were spiced and wrapped in banana leaves; we cooked lentils in clay pots on an open fire, and we built tandoors for baking and roasting. My Nan always had a stock of these sauces to hand - ensuring her family had delicious food - no matter how busy she was.

Now I am a Londoner, but I make the same sauces, using fresh, low-fat ingredients in the same way that my nan used to. A richly flavoured curry, made with a variety of spices, needn't be fiery hot and it needn't take long to prepare.

You can find Mamajaan's sauces in the chilled food section of Fortnum & Mason, selected branches of Budgens and the fine food outlets listed on our list of stores page.

How to use

Mamajaan's Curry Sauces are cook-in sauces. You cook your own meat and vegetables from raw in the sauce so that the ingredients absorb the sauce's flavours and aromas. This is different to stir-fry and other sauces where the sauces are added to the main ingredients after they have been cooked first.

Great Taste Award - two gold Stars

Great Taste

Mamajaans are delighted to have been awarded two Gold Great Taste Awards. The Guild of Fine Foods gave the award for the Belsize Bhuna in 2011 and for the Keats Kashmir in 2012