roast chicken and veg in an oven tin

Roast Chicken

Take a medium size chicken and place it in an oven dish. Add a few onions, tomatoes, peppers if you like and then pour a pot of Mamajaan's curry sauce all over it. Place in the oven and cook for one hour. Turn the chicken a couple of times to make sure it's all cooked through.

Chicken breast

Use 500g of diced chicken breast, then take any Mamajaan's curry sauce. Put them both into a pan and cook for 20 minutes, keep stirring and add a little water if it sticks.

Chicken on the bone

Specially nice with chicken thighs. Take about 500g and add to the pan with a curry sauce. This time cook for about 40 minutes, stir from time to time.

picture of prawns


Heat any Mamajaan's sauce until it simmers, then add the prawns to the sauce and cook for about 10 minutes on a hot heat. Keep stirring. Yum Yum... one of my favourites.


Take a nice big piece of fish, fresh or frozen. Heat/simmer a curry sauce in a pan then add the fish once the sauce is simmering. Cook for about 15 minutes, stir gently until cooked through.