4 pots of sauce

The Sauces

The first Mamajaan's Curry Sauces went on sale in November 2010. Our philosophy has remained the same ever since: we cook in small batches and we use only the freshest, natural ingredients. We use very little salt and only a dash of olive oil, but while we are health and nutrition conscious, there is no compromise in taste. Each of our sauces is a little pot of goodness in its own right.

Mamajaan's Curry Sauces enhance meat, fish, pulses and vegtables beautifully. As an added benefit, our sauces are so easy to use - there is no need to stir fry or precook anything, just add your raw ingredients to the sauce and simmer.. adding a little water and stirring if it sticks... It's a one pot meal, that saves on the washing up.

Great for a solo TV dinner or a dinner party. Mamajaans is designed to save you time in making a perfect authentic curry.

I do hope you get the same pleasure from using my sauces as I do cooking for my friends and family.

Pot of Keats Kashmir

Keats Kashmir

The mildest of our curries. Children will love the softness of the cocunut, the richness of the cream and the warmth of the ginger. Goes well with almost any ingredients.

Pot of Hampstead Harooni

Hampstead Harooni

A deep spicy flavour with fresh lemongrass contrasting smoky overtones from roasted mustard seeds. Goes well with vegetables, lentils and fish. It is especially good for slow cooking chops and chicken on the bone.

Pot of Waterloo Windaloo

Waterloo Winderloo

A hot and zingy sauce made with red chilli and lime. This sauce is for those who told us they wanted something a little hotter.

Pot of Belsize Bhuna

Belsize Bhuna

A spicy sauce made with green chilli and coriander. Not too hot that you will be gasping for water, but should leave a pleasant tingle. Goes well with anything.