A bowl of okra

Vegetable Dishes

All Mamajaan's sauces are 100% vegetarian, so whether you are vegetarian or just fancy a meat-free meal, you can choose any of the sauces to go with your vegetables.

Mushrooms, courgettes, bindi (okra), diced aubergine, chickpeas (pe-cooked, or from a can). Any of these vegetables can simply be cooked in the sauce for about 20 minutes:

Bombay Potatoes

Just add bite-sized pieces of potato to the sauce and cook until tender giving the occasional stir. If the sauce starts to stick add a little water.

Aloo Gobi

Half cook the potatoes in the sauce and then add the cauliflower. You can also use peppers, asparagus, baby corns, green beans or any other vegetable that you may fancy with the potatoes

Baked Aubergines

Use a fork to prick a few holes in the skin and bake 3 to 6 large aubergines for 60 - 90 minutes. Cut the Aubergines open and carefully scoop out the pulp and mix with some Mamajaan's Curry Sauce in a pot. Stir on full heat for about 20min. Served on a flat bread, this is one of the best dishes in the world.

Saag Aloo

Use fresh, frozen or tinned spinach. Add to the sauce and cook till the water is evaporated from the spinach. Add the diced potatos and enough boiling water to cover the potatoes and simmer on a low heat till the potatoes are cooked. Keep checking that the potatoes don't stick.

eating corn on the cob in the field

Turnip Bhuna

Turnip is great for a curry, giving body while soaking up the flavours of the sauce. Chop the turnips and add the pieces to the sauce. Simmer until the turnips are tender adding more water if necessary, cook until it looks more like a mash and is quite dry. Nice to finish the dish with a little butter when served with bread or rice.

Corn on the cob

A sweet vegetable that goes very nicely with Keats Kashmir. Put 4 or 5 cobs, each sliced into 4 pieces, into the sauce with enough water to cover them. (You can also add a small tin of sweet corn or a bag of peanuts and a hand full of spinach if you like). Allow to simmer for about 40 minutes, stirring occasionally while the sauce thickens. Great with plain rice.